Manufacturers’ Representatives, Proudly Representing:



Erie, PA                                                                               

·        O-ring, gasket and seal assembly equipment

·        Snap ring, retainer ring and weld ring insertion equipment

·        Models for internal or external insertion

·        Padmark pad printing machinery and supplies

·        Semi-automatic to fully automatic solutions available




Davisburg, MI                                                                     

·        Non-synchronous, modular pallet transfer systems

·        Side flexing table top chain conveyor systems

·        Clutched modular roller conveyor systems

·        Bi-flow accumulation conveyors/tables

·        Workstations and tool support systems





Canonsburg, PA                                                                 

·        Radial & Orbital riveting/forming systems

·        Manual, pneumatic & hydro-pneumatic assembly presses

·        Riveter and press force process control/monitoring

·        Turn-key press/riveting assembly work cells





Sparta, NJ                                                                           

·        Cam driven rotary indexing tables

·        Precision link indexing conveyors

·        Cam driven pick and place devices & parts handlers                              ILLINOIS ONLY

·        Servo and cam driven indexing rings

·        Stainless steel parts elevators


Harrison, OH                                                                      

·        Leak test instruments & systems:  pressure/vacuum decay,

        mass flow, differential pressure, tracer gas & high pressure/hydraulic

·        Functional test & assembly verification systems                                     ILLINOIS ONLY

·        Calibrated leak standards, connectors & seals

·        Helium reclamation systems      



Milford, OH                                                                          

·        Low profile flat and cleated belt conveyors

·        Backlit inspection conveyors

·        Stainless steel mesh conveyors

·        Indexing timing belt conveyors

·        Food and medical grade construction    






Cranberry Township, PA                                                    

·        Solid state Fiber YAG laser marking systems

·        C02 laser marking systems

·        Dot peen marking systems & scribers

·        2D/ Datamatrix marking & verification systems

·        Ethernet/IP control option

·        Enclosures, rotary systems and pass thru conveyors   





Lexington, KY

·        Handheld screw and nut feeding systems

·        Machine builder components

·        Multi-spindle screw driving units

·        Robotic screw driving systems

·        Custom engineered feed, escape and blow systems


Manu-Tek, Inc.

Naperville, IL 60563

Tel: 630-305-4129